Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Power to the People!

Imagine your world for a moment without the following: copyright law, Food & Drug Administration (you worry about what's in your food when there's someone checking it!), Worker's compensation, welfare, even simple traffic laws that are enforced (my favorite is turning right from the left hand lane regardless of whether there is a vehicle in the other lane!). Sometimes I find myself going, "Wait a minute! That's not legal!" And then it hits me that I'm no longer in Kansas anymore! A simple bribe that amounts to $2 can get you out of just about any situation with the traffic police, and corruption still runs rampant in this country. There are students in university that are having a hard time getting their diploma because they refuse to either sleep with their professor or pay a bribe, so the prof just keeps failing them regardless of the grade they deserve. I tell you all this to appreciate the democratic society you live in, as well as to pray for justice to come to Albania. God is the only one that can solve the deeply ingrained mentalities of this country, and a lot of people say it will take the current generation to die off before change will truly happen. Let's pray that God will do amazing things because nothing is too big for Him and He rewards those who seek after justice and righteousness!