Tuesday, May 30, 2006

from the homefront

Being home has made me realize how different my two world are! It was so nice to come back to street signs and house numbers when trying to find someone's house for the first time the other day. In Albania, directions involve finding the nearest known landmark, then going close to it and making a ring on the cell phone (just a ring since it's so expensive to use your cell phone) and then the person comes to meet you and show you how to get there. Then you're expected to find it on your own the next time! I've also enjoyed little things, like being able to flush the toilet paper and being able to say the word "car" without looking who's around. In Albania, "car" is a really bad word, so even when speaking in English, we usually still use the Albanian word "makina" instead. I've enjoyed driving so much! I've only driven about six times in the last two years I've spent in Albania, and it's so nice to get in the car, roll the windows down, crank the radio and just drive with the wind blowing through my hair! Two words--air conditioning! I've really enjoyed the green color here. There is very little grass and greenery in Albania, and since Ohio has had two weeks of rain, it's so green here and the trees and grass look beautiful. There are things I miss about Albania, but I'm just really enjoying being home!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

don't forget your change

I love that the majority of stores in Albania usually don't have change to give you. So the simple solution--a piece of gum, a single teabag, a box of matches, etc. You can even buy cigarettes individually here!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

special offer!

So I went to the EuroMax yesterday with my two best friends. This is the newest, best shopping center in Tirana (doesn't even close to a Wal-Mart). While there, I stumbled upon a special offer that was so hard to pass up. They were offering Kraft mayonaise with a free cosmetic kit! Check that out! Or maybe they were thinking of lice removal--mayonaise with the little eyebrow comb??? Who knows!